Dry Oil Glitter | Shades of Grey | 100ml


Delight your senses in every shade. Every woman is unique. She glows in her own way, reflecting her identity.

Based on olive oil of the highest quality, our Shades of Grey dry oil brings out the shine in every woman while protecting and nourishing all skin types.

At the same time though, it is so much more! Because it delves into her deepest desires and brings thoughts and fantasies to life through its silvery texture and its alluring scent. It illuminates the multiple facets hidden below the surface of every woman, challenges her to act on her fantasies and perceive them as new, personal discoveries and encourages her to enjoy every new experience that comes her way as a new journey of the senses.

It is an invitation to a ritual that outlines the most secret of desires. Live them to the fullest in every shade!

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